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And the winners are…!

Twenty-six authors will be published in Bluefire 2017.

The results are in! After three rounds of judging, the work of twenty-six young authors have been chosen to appear in the 2017 edition of Bluefire, the literary journal of our foundation. Thank you to the more than 630 students who participated in this year’s contest.

Keep reading for the list of winners, sneak peeks at some of their gorgeous opening lines, and information on how to get a copy of this year’s journal!

$1000 Scholarship Winners
Elena DeBre, 11th Grade, from Los Angeles, CA, for the story Gone Under.
Sophia Di Giovanni, 7th Grade, from Wellesley, MA, for the story The Novelty Store.

$100 Prize Grade Winners
Shelby Garnier, 12th Grade, from Jupiter, FL, for the story Bucket List.
Sol Knapstad, 10th Grade, from Woodside, CA, for the story Fireproof.
Pranav Mishra, 9th Grade, from Bangalore, India, for the story The Battle Knot.
Anushka Gupta, 8th Grade, from Mumbai, India, for the story When the Trees Walked.
Sophia Eno, 6th Grade, from Woodside, CA, for the story In the Rubble of War.

Honorable Mention
Sara Alavi, 12th Grade, from San Mateo, CA, for #NoDAPL.
Cheyenne Wiseman, 12th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for Coming to Terms with Not Being Super Important to the World.
Ashely Hay, 12th Grade, from Rocklin, CA, for The Dandelion Boy.
Jenna Bao, 11th Grade, from Cincinnati, OH, for A Good Man.
Sophie Lee, 11th Grade, from Medina, WA, for Even the Moon Falls.
Justin Saint-Loubert, 11th Grade, from Redwood City, CA, for The Cabinet.
Sophie Siminoff, 11th Grade, from Los Altos Hills, CA, for The Tooth Fairy.
Layla Khazeni, 10th Grade, from La Jolla, CA, for Good Morning.
Christopher Hippensteel, 10th Grade, from Kutztown, PA, for Hands.
Hana Tzou, 10th Grade, from San Jose, CA, for Rimmel Kate Moss 107.
Eileen Peng, 9th Grade, from Hoffman Estates, IL, for Mastermind.
Maya Levine, 9th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for One of These Days.
Lucy McMahon, 9th Grade, from Lenox, MA, for The Cerulean Sea.
Ellie Hershner, 8th Grade, from Dexter, MI, for A Thousand Lives.
Tess Restaino, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for Little Perfect Bow, Little Perfect Box.
Maya Miller, 8th Grade, from Pasadena, CA, for Trudie’s Goose.
Charlotte Baszucki, 7th Grade, from Portola Valley, CA, for Being Okay.
Maya Avida, 7th Grade, from Portola Valley, CA, for He Whose Eyes Cut Like Knives.
Samantha Kaplan, 6th Grade, from San Francisco, CA, for Carry Me.

Would you like a copy of the 2017 edition of Bluefire?
This is an incredible volume of authentic, contemporary stories, all of which have been written by young adults – it makes a great resource for teachers, readers, and writers. Buying our journal also helps support our nonprofit and allows us to continue encouraging young authors through events like our writing contest. Below are two ways to purchase a copy:
1) Come to our Awards Celebration! (Details below.) We will be selling journals for $35 each.
2) Preorder and have your journal mailed to you in early May. Just email with your name, address, and the number of copies you’d like. The price for online copies is $35 each. We will get in touch about payment after the journals have printed. Preorder by April 22nd to guarantee getting one! Orders received after that will be subject to availability.
Anyone who buys four or more journals, or makes a comparable donation, will be listed in next year’s Bluefire as a benefactor.

Awards Celebration – Please Join Us!

We will be holding our annual Awards Celebration on Sunday, April 30th, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park, CA. On the program will be readings by the 2017 Bluefire authors, a talk by this year’s guest judge Lewis Buzbee, and an author panel moderated by YA author Lindsay Tam Holland. There will also be a chance to mingle and chat with the authors and their families.


I peel back the left corner of the linen tablecloth and peer at the cheap wooden table, scratched and worn, hidden underneath.
I am happy, at least, to be in public. Sometimes when I surround myself with strangers who wear diamonds to dinner, I feel better. There is a sort of relief that comes with new faces. I place my hands underneath my sticky bare thighs to stop myself from fidgeting before my mother notices. She always tells me, “Seventeen is far too old to be fiddling with your fingers,” but I hate when she says it. I hate being reminded of all that I can’t fix.

– the beginning of the winning story Gone Under


We’d snuck out while our parents were mesmerized by the fireworks, just Liz and me, hands clenched as we ran down the stairs and out into the dark sloping streets. The lampposts lit up the hillside and the absence of people on it. We knew not to go down to the park — that was where everyone else was, packed together like tin-flavored sardines, eyes glued to the fizzing neon above.

– the beginning of the winning story The Novelty Store

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