Grade: 12th grade
Age: 17

A Call For Help

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Long ago, there were once two worlds that coexisted which each other. Bother were open to each other until the bridge between the two had been broken. On our side, we live a normal life in the light, while, on the other side, others live a life in the dark. Both were complete opposites, which is why they broke the bridges connecting their worlds. There is, however, one bridge the exists, which serves as a way to fulfill a prophecy told in legend.
It is said that a human from the light will come to the darkness to stop the merging of the two worlds. The Merging, as it is, is upon us. A hero from the light and a scholar from the dark must come together to stop it. It is both their destinies after all.
This is where Malcolm Durant comes in. Right now, he is only but fifteen, yet is very mature for his age. He has brown curly hair, blue eyes, and is fairly slender. He lives an ordinary life, living with his mom, and going to school. Today though would be different, as this is where destiny comes to play a part. Another thing to note though is that he is bullied by the kids his age. So much, that he is now being chased through the woods by them. He was only trying to get to school, but they had decided to pick on him.
With his breath getting denser in the cold morning, Malcolm became exhausted. He looked back only to see the worse. The bullies shouts and screams got louder with each step. He kept running even if his odds were fairly bad. He hadn’t been paying attention though and fell through an old boarded-up well. He looked up after the fall, only to see the endless sky above him. Next thing he knew, he heard the bullies voices getting closer, but then fade away afterward.
With relief, he slumped onto the wall of the well closing his eyes tightly, only for something else to catch his attention. There was a wooden door right across from him. Curious, and thinking that it was a way out, he opened the door and stepped inside. The opened door revealed a strange brick tunnel, with an oak tree growing in the middle.
Walking forward, Malcolm realized another door on the other end of the tunnel. Without looking back, he walked past the great oak and went to it. Slowly he opened it, but as he did, he seemed to be pulled in. Next thing he knew, he was falling into the dark abyss below him. Not only that, but his clothing seemed to change with him, as he was now clothed in a full set of armor and sword by his side. The next thing he did was to try and look up, but when he did, he saw that there was no door.
Panic set in right away, which lead him to scream. Then after seeing the ground getting closer, he screamed more. Right before he was about to hit the ground, something had happened. Opening his eyes again, he noticed he was in mid-air. Confused, but glad, he was slowly lowered down. When he did get to the ground, he noticed the figure ahead of him.
The person, whoever it had been, wore a black cloak. They walked forward and extended their hand. Malcolm took it and was lifted up with huge strength.
“Thank you,” said Malcolm.
The stranger nodded, then moved their hood away from their head making their face be seen. What was revealed was a beautiful girl with raven hair and dark green eyes. She smiled, and Malcolm almost forgot to speak. He smiled back, then continued to ask questions. The girl, who was named Eaden, told Malcolm the legend of his and her arrival. He was to be a hero from the light, and she the scholar from the dark.
Taking account of what he could do after sitting and listening to the story, he agreed to go on the quest. Along the way, Eaden explained more to who was responsible for the merging of the two worlds. Her reply was concerning.
“The king of the world of Dark is the one behind it,” stated Eaden who had a hint of sadness in her eyes.
Malcolm saw it, but ignored it, as he was rather questioning himself at this point. Doubts made their way into his head, but he kept moving forward towards the castle. Journeying their way there, they met many challenges but spread goodwill to the people. When they did get to the castle, where the king had been using magic to fuse the two worlds together, they were met with his whole army.
Using magic and wits, they escaped and made their way directly to the king. The king surprised to see Eaden, began yelling at her. Eaden kept her ground and yelled back. Malcolm, deciding to stay out, listened.
“What are you doing here Eaden?” stated the king coldly.
Eaden didn’t answer yet said, “You know you can’t do this.”
“I’m doing this for us!” screamed the king.
Eaden grew angry and clenched her fist tightly. “What you are doing will destroy both worlds, it will destroy us, and it won’t bring back mother!”
Malcolm raised his eyebrows in surprise. That moment though, the king had tried to make an attack on the two. He met sword to sword with the king.
“And what are you, a small frail boy I suppose?”
He was right, yet Malcolm didn’t give up. Using what he could, and with the help of Eaden, they defeated the king. When it was over, the people who had been persuaded to good, revolted. When all was said and done, the prophecy was foretold, and Malcolm could go home once more. Taking what he learned about strength and courage, he left back to his world with more wisdom and bravery than ever.

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  1. I had to force myself to keep reading past the first sentence and then again after the first paragraph. It seems so wordy, which is a shame when you only get 1000 words to work with. The tense switches wildly, which is jarring. The pace is so uneven. Little clues are thrown in which yield nothing in the end.

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