Grade: 7th grade
Age: 12

The Island of the Forgotten

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“Come out of there. You don’t need to hide anymore. They’re gone.” The girl cautiously stood up from behind a boulder. She looked around. She seemed to be watching, waiting for someone or something to come out and grab her, dragging her away, back to the island. People forget on the island. But, if she didn’t go back she would disappear, forever. “I don’t wanna go back. They will force me to work on the project. I don’t want to. I want to be free, I don’t want them to control me.” She walked a bit forward, walking towards the pier. She shivered, wrapping her sweater around her. She sat down on the edge of the pier her feet touching the water. She watched an otter swim around by her feet. She could see the island. It was small. She hopped off the pier into the icy cold water. She held her breath and watched a small school of fish swimming around. Her eyes stung from the cold salty water. She swam to the surface of the ocean. She looked at the water, then at her boat. She swam to her cabin cruiser boat and climbed up onto the back of it. She walked to the wheel and pulled out of the harbor going halfway to the island. She wanted to see what they were doing. She could see the tiki torches that were lining the outskirts of the island, around the beach. She sailed back to the island of Lanai, the island she had escaped to.
The next day, she was in a… cell. Had the people of the island taken her back? No, this wasn’t it, since a police officer was sitting at a desk across the room from her cell. She was in the holding facility, not jail. “Officer person. What am I doing here?” she asked loudly. “You’re a minor, with no one over the age of 21 taking care of you. This means we are holding you here and then we are going to move you to the orphanage. They’re making room for you now.” the officer told her reading a newspaper and sipping some coffee. He had a box of donuts on the desk next to him. “I’m not going to an orphanage. Alani is taking care of me. She’s 22.” She lied. Alani was only 17, but she wanted to get out of the holding facility. The officer looked at her suspiciously, but gave up, he had better things to do. He unlocked the cell door and the girl walked out. She walked outside where two men were waiting. Both dressed from head to toe in black. “Kaila, you’re coming back to the island.”
The two men grabbed her wrists, she struggled but it was no use. Had they seen her? Did they recognize her boat? She was dragged to the castle, where she was pushed down, being forced to kneel in front of the ruler of the forgotten. Sir Mascarn. “Kaila Anderson. Part American part Hawaiian. Nice to see you again. Did you think Alani was going to protect you again? -” Mascarn said interrupted by Kaila, “No. I was doing fine on my own when Alani showed up… Wait, that was a rhetorical question right?” Mascarn nodded and continued. “- I need to finish these robots so that I can show people that I still exist. They threw me down from being mayor and then look at me like I’m a ghost-like I’m not human. Well, I AM NOT A GHOST. I am a real human being, I want power, I want glory. I will make a great ruler. So child… you are going to work on the project. ” “No, I won’t.” Kaila said threw her clenched teeth. “Very well then. Throw her into the cell.” “The cell? No! Not there, anywhere but there. Fine, I will work on the project.” The cell was a dark dungeon with a dragon inside. No one had ever come out once they went in. She was handcuffed, loosely, and led to the workroom, where she was handed some instructions and a box of parts. She was pushed towards a clear spot at the long table, where the giant robot rested. It was as big as a school bus. She was supposed to work on the leg of the robot. She groaned and started to work. She was thrown into a small room with 5 bunk beds wedged inside.
It had been a month of work, and she still hadn’t tried to escape. The robot was ready. Everyone had lugged the robot out to the beach where they stood as the guards lifted it. The robot was standing. Mascarn climbed in and laughed evilly. “I EXIST!” he turned on the robot and started to walk into the water. The robot was waterproof. Kaila had made her way to a tiki torch. She grabbed it and threw it to another kid who grabbed it and knocked out a guard. Kaila grabbed another torch for herself, while other kids grabbed torches for themselves. She had made a plan with the others to defeat the guards once the robot was in the water, then to go to the main control room and make the robot through Mascarn out, then disable itself. But first, they needed to knock out all the guards. The guards were lunging at the kids trying to grab them, but the kids resisted. They kicked and hit and punched. Kaila turned around a guard was standing there, she pinched his nerve on his shoulder and he immediately fell to the ground. She ran to the control room and pushed a button that sent Mascarn flying out. Then she pressed another button and the robot sank into the water. She ran to a boat where the other kids had climbed on and steered to Lanai. Everyone cheered, and then they were sent to the orphanage. She was free from the island, for now at least.

One thought on “The Island of the Forgotten

  1. Action-packed, and an interesting Hawaiian setting, but not enough backstory on the girl’s or the evil ruler’s motivation. Pacing is off – imagery-laden at the beginning, and completely rushed at the end. Ending vague – not sure what’s at stake or what life off the island looks like for her.

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