Grade: 7th grade
Age: 13

Halloween Night

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This is a story I don’t like sharing with many people. Because I, Clay Rightman, had been to a real haunted house.
My parents had always been friends with the Freemans, and they’d always been nice to me, so naturally, I was really exited to hop in my homemade robot costume and join them for halloween dinner. When we got there I was blown away with all of the decorations they had. From spiders to stand still realistic zombie statues, they had everything.
As we were walking down the fake cobweb-strewn pathway to their house, one of the zombies sneezed. I would have jumped out of my skin if my cardboard costume hadn’t prevented me.
“Come on Ron, you blew our cover!” One of the zombies said to the other that had sneezed. I recognized that voice, it was Mrs. Freeman’s.
“Well, when ya gotta sneeze, ya gotta sneeze.” replied Mr. Freeman’s voice.
“And the plan was going how we planned it too!” My mom exclaimed.
“Oh please, that grin gave it away.” Mrs. Freeman argued while holding out a bowl of candy to me.
“Thank you for inviting us Mrs. Freeman.” I said. I took a piece of candy and slid it through the mouth of my robot costume.
“Oh, it was our pleasure.” Sarah Freeman responded. “Now you guys must be freezing, Please come in.”
When we walked in the door I heard a pipe organ playing. I looked up and saw a person, who must be their son, playing the organ on a loft in a frankenstein costume. The song was mournful, yet harsh. It seemed hollow, but there was so much meaning in it. As all the sounds floated into my ears it touched some emotion. An emotion like no other. As if it were seizing my spirit from me. I was longing to crumble on the floor and fall under the pressure of the mysterious music. Suddenly, it was ringing in my ears. Louder and louder tearing my brain out of my skull. I looked up but the frankenstein costume was gone. Silence filled the room as my parents and the Freemans crouded around my twitching body.
“Oh sweety are you alright?” Mrs. Freeman asked in a concerned voice.
“Yep, I just am a little dizzy but i’m uh fine.” I said as I brushed myself off. But I wasn’t. Somehow I had heard an organ when no one else had seemed affected.
“Lets get you a glass of water.” Mr. Freeman said as he led me to my seat in the dining room.
Wow, I thought as I walked, They really go all out with this halloween stuff. As I walked into the dining room I wondered why I’d gotten totally buzzed.
Mrs Freeman handed me a glass of water as I sat down at the table. I was looking at their candle arrangements by the windows when I saw something white flutter past the. Must be a dove I reassured myself, but my imagination had already taken flight but it was too large to be a bird, and strange things are already happening. What if it was a ghost?
When my mom sat in a chair next to me I scooted a little closer to her. She didn’t notice because she was gossiping with Mrs. Freeman.
I reached out towards the middle of the table and grabbed a chip. As I was about to dip it in the salsa a bloody hand popped out of it. I heard a witch cackling as I ripped my hand away. The hand retracted back ito its original place again like nothing had happened. I grabbed another chip and went for the salsa again. This time, more prepared for a robotic hand.
Mrs. Freeman disappeared into the kitchen as my mom started sipping the blood-red wine set before her. Oh Great, I thought, we’re in a scary house and my mom is drinking; soon she’ll be seeing things too.
Mrs. Freeman carried out platters with a savory aroma following her. I could smell fresh turkey cooked to perfection, buttery mashed potatoes and a pitcher filled with gravy, and my favorite, homemade nutmeg ginger apple snaps. Behind all this I caught a whiff of something rotten, shrouded by the wonderful dinner, but I thought nothing of it.
In no time at all, food was set before me. I dug into my turkey as I poured gravy on top of my mashed potatoes. The turkey tasted as scrumptious as it had smelled. The mashed potatoes had a great consistency and the gravy added a hearty relish. By the time I had gotten to the cookies, I was stuffed.
I still reached toward the cookies.. By then I had let my guard down. As I was reaching towards the silver platter I got startled out of my mind. The hand had activated because the ginger snaps were right next to it.
“Holy SH-” I started
“Don’t say that!” My mom accused.
“I uh was gonna say snap?” I tried
“Come on, Claymond, you know what you were going to say.” My mom was now on her third glass of wine.
“Mom you know I don’t like being called that. But whatever.” I grabbed one of the savory nutmeg cookies and ate it whilst I pondered what we would do next.
Once everyone had finished eating the delicious food, the Freemans stood up. “Alright Clay and Martha, how did you enjoy dinner?”
“I loved it, thanks!” My mom replied immediately. I didn’t speak.
“Mom, i’m tired, could we go home?” I asked.
“Let me drive you,” Mr. Freeman offered.
“Thank you.” My mom responded.
We hopped into their black cadillac and drove towards our house. When we reached our house my mom hopped out first.
Before I got out of the car, Mr. Freeman said, “careful, because you eyes don’t deceive you.”
I hopped out of the car and I noticed an unusual glow in his pupils as he drove away.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Night

  1. “Halloween Night” has a stunning sense of humor. There are so many moments that made me laugh out loud, such as this sentence: “Oh Great, I thought, we’re in a scary house and my mom is drinking; soon she’ll be seeing things too.” I cannot stress how difficult it is to write humor. For the writer of “Halloween Night” to have nailed it like this is truly incredible. The dialogue — another thing that’s hard in writing — is playful and natural, almost like banter. It really gives the impression that Clay is the odd one out, in terms of the scary things he’s seeing. The ending of “Halloween Night” is wonderfully ominous. It leaves you wondering if Mr. Freeman is an ally or an enemy, especially since his eyes “glow” as he drives away. Major props to this writer!

  2. The author of “Halloween Night” does an excellent job of telling a both humorous and mysterious story; I particularly enjoyed the vernacular Mr. Freeman used, in addition to the humorous nature of Martha and Clay’s parent/child relationship. The ending is the most compelling aspect of this entry.

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