1000 Word Contest

“My territory as a writer is exploring the unknown.” – Leyla Beban


About the $1000 for 1000 Words Writing Contest

Welcome aspiring young authors, and thank you for your interest in the $1000 for 1000 Words Creative Writing Contest! We’re looking for an outstanding piece of short fiction that consists of exactly 1000 words. While there are no specific guidelines beyond that, we encourage you to tell a story that matters. Write something you believe in. Tell a story that only you can tell. Our judges have no specific criteria in mind other than to look for excellence. In other words, write something that moves you, that dazzles you, that says precisely what you want to say in precisely the way you want to say it. As long as you do so in precisely 1000 words!

We welcome all entries that meet our criteria. We regularly receive more than 1000 entries, from as many as 47 states and 46 different countries.

Please read the Contest Rules and FAQs carefully. We reserve the right to reject submissions solely on the basis of conformity to these guidelines.