Table of Contents for Bluefire 2018

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Table of Contents for Bluefire 2018

What It’s Like a World Away by Angela Ng

Red by Ashley Xu

Empathy in the Deadlands by Alayisa Dennis

The Visitors by Sarah Feng

The Undying Summer by Beatrice Stewart

Permission by Lachlan Chu

Never Say Forever by Maya Avida

Chelsea by Kumari Pacheco

The Fog by Anisha Johnson

Constant Melodies by Annika Eske

Let Her Eat Cake by Thaili Barrios

To Catch a Falling Star by Vanessa Silva

Walking a Tightrope’s Telescope by Jiyu Shin

California Dreaming by Maya Levine

On the Wire by Lucia Shen

Fly Me to the Moon by Dilara Sumbul

Hang by Jenny Hu

Southbound by Charlie Dodd

The Clock Hands Kept Moving by Ellie Power

Landing Again by Sofia Rosen

The Radium Girls by Sonia Cherian

Cycling by Aisling Archdeacon

Mightier than the Sword by Aeka Joshi

The Scent of Loss by Kristian Gifford