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“Along the course of my life, I was repeatedly told that the mere scratch of ink on a parcel of paper was a sin. … Unfortunately, the need to rebel against authority was a crippling disposition of mine.  My fingers itched for the release of my thoughts onto paper.” – Alteration, Darya Behroozi, 11th Grade Prize Winner.


Welcome to the resource pages!  Here you will find links to our Creative Writing Workbook and excerpts from our journal Bluefire which publishes the work of middle and high school students who have entered our $1000 for 1000 Words fiction-writing contest.  Our hope is that you will encourage your students to enter our contest and these materials may be useful in inspiring and guiding them.  This past year, our most successful students worked with their teachers and peers to create, edit, and refine their stories.  Please feel free to use these excerpts and examples with your students to help create outstanding works of fiction!

If you have questions or want to reach us individually, please use our Contact Us form or send an email to info@bluefire.org.

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“Just for one moment, I keep my eyes closed, trying to hold on to the last faint tendrils of the dream I was just having, but they slip away from my grasping hands like silk.” – Waking Up, Jenna Lange, 7th Grade Honorable Mention.