The 2022 $1000 for 1000 Words Creative Writing Contest is now open for
submissions through February 1, 2022.




Here are the $1000 for 1000 Words Creative Writing Contest Results for 2021


26 stories, from over 700 entries, were selected to be published in Bluefire 2021.                                                                                                  Congratulations to all the young authors who told their stories and were brave enough to                                                                             share them with us.




Avalon Felice Lee, 11th Grade, from Santa Clara, CA,                                                                                                                                 for the story Pink Citrus Soap.


Eliana Igwike, 7th Grade, from Brown Deer, WI,                                                                                                                                           for the story Between the Static of the Radio.


$100 Prize Grade Level Winners


Khadija Ahmed, 12th Grade, from Annandale, VA, for the story Something Sweet.


Trini Feng, 10th Grade, from Crystal Lake, IL, for the story Triumph to Last.


Allison Xu, 9th Grade, from Rockville, MD, for the story The Pale Moon.


Valerie Shu, 8th Grade, from San Jose, CA, for the story Cloud Watching.


Camille Chu, 6th Grade, from Hillsborough, CA, for the story GENMED.


Honorable Mention Winners


Irene Kim, 11th Grade, from Tenafly, NJ, for the story Hidden Cemeteries.

Steven Deng, 11th Grade, from Orlando, FL, for the story In Sense.

Frank Zhou, 11th Grade, from Farmers Branch, TX, for the story Torn Canopies.

Marta Olson, 11th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for the story Train Tracks and Sunsets.

Charlotte Berry, 11th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for the story Witching Hour.

Zoë Jaster, 10th Grade, from Wichita Falls, TX, for the story Sound Waves.

Abigail Cushman, 10th Grade, from Westborough, MA, for the story The Last Talent Show.

Molly Glass, 9th Grade, from Carlsbad, CA, for the story Moving On.

Amy Gillson, 9th Grade, from Mountain View, CA, for the story What If’s and If Only’s.

Rosemary Hunderford, 8th Grade, from Molalla, OR, for the story Broken Dreams.

Lily Scheckner, 8th Grade, from Silver Spring, MD, for the story The Elevator Ride.

Christine Chang, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for the story The Fox.

Grace Liu, 8th Grade, from Ann Arbor, MI, for the story Turn Your Face to the Sun.

Nina Raju, 8th Grade, from Tucson, AZ, for the story When the Clock Strikes Midnight.

Chenya Kwon, 7th Grade, from Thousand Oaks, CA, for the story His Last Breath.

Avah Dodson, 7th Grade, from Oakland, CA, for the story The Storyteller.

Frances Widmer, 7th Grade, from Washington, DC, for the story Whale Song.

Katelyn Harms, 6th Grade, from Glenwood, IA, for the story Writing Magic.

Lauren Burrow, 6th Grade, from Cornelius, NC, for the story Senses.


        Thank you to all our 2021 donors, readers, & contest judges!