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Congratulations to all the young authors who told their stories and were brave enough to share them with us. From more than 870 entries, we selected 24 stories to publish in Bluefire 2023. Here are the $1000 for 1000 Words Creative Writing Contest Results for 2023.


Ryan Park, 9th Grade, from La Canada Flintridge, CA, for “The Dandelion Story”
Avalina Wu, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for “Half-Finished Note”

$100 Prize Grade Level Winners
Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai, 12th Grade, from Springdale, AK, for “Pious”
Naima Ramakrishnan, 11th Grade, from Mumbai, for “Wood, Polish, Strings, Hollow”
Sydney Mielcarski, 10th Grade, from Lafayette, CA, for “Growing Through Concrete”
Neva Ilica, 7th Grade, from New York, NY, for “The Last Petal of Hope”
Laeth VanOpstal, 6th Grade, from Irving, TX, for “The Good Neighbor”

Honorable Mentions
Eve Maramba, 12th Grade, from Colorado Springs, CO, for “What The Painter Searched For”
Laura Pinto Alton, 12th Grade, from Lutz, FL, for “The Exchange”
Olivia Kemper, 11th Grade, from Decatur, GA, for “Abnormal”
Kylie Wang, 11th Grade, from Moraga, CA, for “The Art of War ”
Olivia Kang, 10th Grade, from Reno, NV, for “Antlers”
Grace Marie Liu, 10th Grade, from Ann Arbor, MI, for “Salvation”
Lee Abby, 9th Grade, from Johns Creek, GA, for “The Cycling”
Raya Skaf, 9th Grade, from Belmont, CA, for “A Child’s Present”
Sean Whipkey, 9th Grade, from San Mateo, CA, for “In The Maw”
Abigail Zwahlen, 9th Grade, from Pittsboro, NC, for “An Unfortunate Night”
Keiran Hennelly, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for “Only The Blacktop Knows My Secrets”
Alisa Portner, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for “Smiles for Strangers”  
Eliza Sharratt, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for “White Lilies”
Angela Tang, 8th Grade, from Mason, OH, for Cinnamon Apple”
Elara Friedman, 7th Grade, from New York, NY, for “Pareidolia”
Eleanor King, 6th Grade, from The Hague, Zuid Holland, for “Bloody Innocents”
Arielle Levy, 6th Grade, from Greenwich, CT, for “Behind the Stall”