25 authors to be published in Bluefire 2020.

The results are in! After three rounds of judging, the works of twenty-five young authors have been                                                                                   chosen to appear in the 2020 edition of Bluefire, the literary journal of our foundation. Thank you                                                                                          to the hundreds of students who bravely wrote and submitted their work for review, and                                                                                                      congratulations to the newly published authors.

$1000 Scholarship Winners

Cat Bui, 10th Grade, from Orange County, CA, for the story DUI.

Ann-Margaret Sproul, 7th Grade, from Cramerton, NC, for the story The Creature.

$100 Prize Grade Level Winners
Sophie Castro, 12th Grade, from Fawn Grove, PA, for the story Trailer Park Girl.
Emma Rose Gowens, 11th Grade, from Greenville, SC, for the story Astral War Bodies.
Barnett Salle-Widelock, 9th Grade, from Fairfax, CA, for the story Ice.
Kate Silva, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for the story Passed On.
Colin Chu, 6th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for the story The Legend of the Single-Digit Creatures.

Honorable Mention Winners
Maya Levine, 12th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for the story Alina Didn’t Go To Israel.
Milena Raeber, 12h Grade, from Redwood City, CA, for the story Daisy Lewis.
Anna Novoselov, 12th Grade, from Saratoga, CA, for the story Little Mounds of Sand.
Antara Bhattacharya, 11th Grade, from Mumbai, India, for the story Blank Canvas.
Katie Rebhan, 11th Grade, from McLean, VA, for the story Maybe (Not).
Onassa Sun, 11th Grade, from Archadia, CA, for the story Sibyl in the Attic.
Dana Serea, 10th Grade, from Rutherford, NJ, for the story Beautiful Like Us.
Jenny Hu, 10th Grade, from Cincinnati, OH, for the story Entropy.
Alexandria Westray, 10th Grade, from Exeter, NH, for the story Gambler’s Ruin.
Sophia Judicke, 9th Grade, from Berkeley Heights, NJ, for the story A Leap of Faith.
Emilie Mayer, 9th Grade, from San Francisco, CA, for the story Collision in the Hallway.
Ilayda Dogan, 9th Grade, from Potomac, MD, for the story Mirror, Mirror.
Norah Gross, 8th Grade, from St. Louis, MO, for the story Anna.
Kylie Wang, 8th Grade, from Moraga, CA, for the story Firefly Stars.
Amra Brook, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for the story Fishbowl.
Andrew Hong, 7th Grade, from Tenafly, NJ, for the story The Day I Won an Argument (with my Mom).
Talia Buckhouse, 6th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for the story Where the Broken Ones Are.
June Hyung Kim, 6th Grade, from Manila, Philippines, for the story White Out.


The velvet night air, swollen with the spices of barbecue and pine needles, seeps                                                                                   through the crack in my car window. I don’t dare take my hands off the wheel to close it.                                                                       My body is a mess of tangled giddiness – I must not take my hands off the wheel. The                                                                       freeway’s yellow segmented stripes zip underneath my car, blending into a line as fluid                                                                         as how my thoughts mesh like runny egg yolk. The radio is on; my niece is in the                                                                           backseat, her ponytail of tight black curls bobbing to the jazz rhythm.

                                                                – from DUI

He creeps, sneaking through the quiet house so as not to disturb the sleeping people.                                                                         The house feels empty, but he has done this enough to realize that sometimes grief                                                                                feels like emptiness, that before a loved one dies a house feels like the loneliest place                                                                           on earth. Or perhaps, he thinks, it is him.

                                                                    – from The Creature             

        Thank you to all our 2019 donors, readers, & contest judges!