And the Winners are…!

23 authors to be published in Bluefire 2019.


The results are in! After three rounds of judging, the works of twenty-three young authors have                                                                                         been chosen to appear in the 2019 edition of Bluefire, the literary journal of our foundation.                                                                                              Thank you to the hundreds of students who participated in this year’s contest, and congratulations                                                                                          to the newly published authors.


We hope you will join us in celebrating these authors on Sunday, April 28th at Kepler’s Books in                                                                                           Menlo Park, CA. The independent nonprofit Kepler’s Literary Foundation is hosting the event,                                                                                             which starts at 11:00 a.m. and includes readings from the journal, a talk by best-selling writer                                                                                                Veronica Wolff, and a panel hosted by YA writer Lindsay Tam Holland. Please RSVP using the                                                                                                EventBrite button so we can have a seat and a journal ready for you!


And now – drumroll please…


$1000 Scholarship Winners

Rowan Brown, 12th Grade, from Greenville, SC, for the story Magpie Grieving.

Luxy Bynum, 7th Grade, from Laguna Beach, CA, for the story Fireflies.


$100 Prize Grade Level Winners

Elias Munoz, 11th Grade, from Dublin, CA, for the story Bete Noir.

Maya Savin Miller, 10th Grade, from Pasadena, CA, for the story The Song of Five O’Clock.

Paridhy Mann, 9th Grade, from Santa Clara, CA, for the story Even Sunflowers Die in the Sun.

Helena Landels, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for the story A Song about Kindling and Hills.

Kaci Freeman, 6th Grade, from Los Altos, CA, for the story Hurdles.


Honorable Mention Winners

Emma Shipley, 12th Grade, from Greenwood, MO, for As Above, So Below.

Christopher Hippensteel, 12th Grade, from Kutztown, PA, for Catch and Release.

Beatrice Stewart, 12th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for Elijah.

Avery Johnson, 12th Grade, from Santa Clara, CA, for Siren.

Nicole Li, 11th Grade, from Shanghai, China, for Castaway.

Maya Levine, 11th Grade, from Palo Alto, CA, for Gone to Pot.

Maggie Needham, 10th Grade, from Dexter, MI, for Masterpiece.

Ben Siminoff, 10th Grade, from Los Altos Hills, CA, for Three Sighted Mice.

Hannah Eastman, 9th Grade, from Portola Valley, CA, for How to Say Goodbye.

Marta Olson, 9th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for Modern Heroine.

Dilara Sumbul, 9th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for The Little Lions.

Cat Bui, 9th Grade, from Manhattan Beach, CA, for Yellow Balloons.

Maya Ellis, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for Shooting Stars.

Audrey Blanchard, 8th Grade, from San Carlos, CA, for Venting About Vending Machines.

Gabriella Wang, 7th Grade, from Hillsborough, CA, for Good Enough.

Peyton Hui, 6th Grade, from Sunnyvale, CA, for Come Back to Me.


Thank you to all our 2018 donors, journal purchasers, and contest judges!